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Stuur jouw eigen ontwikkelteam aan

Manage your own development team

Instantly have an Agile team of highly trained software developers and testers. You can easily scale up and down. You have control over the development team.

Wij sturen jouw ontwikkelteam aan

We manage your development team

You can also leave the management of your team to us. Our colleagues in Zwolle take care of communication and project management. Your software development is in good hands with us.

Jouw eigen IT project uitbesteden

Outsource your own IT project

We can carry out your project from start to finish. We have a great deal of experience with developing various applications and tailor-made processes.

Success Stories


Pernexus Software Solutions

Pernexus Software Solutions is hiring a team that is working on two products called Perluta and Perscriptum. Perluta is a platform to import the assets, documents and custom fields to automatically generate the inspection forms. Some a…


Voerman museum

Native App ontwikkeling door DevRepublic

Voor het Voerman Museum in Hattem heeft DevRepublic, in het kader van inclusiviteit, een native applicatie ontwikkeld. De app “Blikvanger” is speciaal gericht op blinden en slechtzienden om hen …



Openr has enlisted the help of DevRepublic to contribute to the Openr platform and apps. The migration of the entire platform from VPS to Heroku has started. In addition, a team of developers is working on the platform of the app, the …



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