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Commissioned by Jaarbeurs Utrecht, DevRepublic has developed Scan2Ride for the two-wheeler fairs (Motorbeurs Utrecht, Bike MOTION Benelux, E-bike Xperience and Fiets en Wandelbeurs). 

The challenge
Jaarbeurs was looking for a tool for registering visitors for a ride on the test track. On the one hand to cover liability, but also a tool to provide insight into test data for capacity planning and lead generation. In addition, the tool also had to be used by the exhibitors and offer the possibility to read in its fleet of test (motor) bicycles and to view test data. Due to the lack of such a solution, Jaarbeurs decided to have it developed itself.

Scan2Ride as a solution
DevRepublic has developed Scan2Ride together with Jaarbeurs. The application was ready in about 2 months, from idea to commissioning. The application is set up in Laravel with Metronic and native apps.

Scan2Ride consists of:

  • Superadmin: a web application for Jaarbeurs in which they could create events and add exhibitors themselves. With a dashboard how many registrations there are per event and how many test drives have been performed.
  • Admin: the web application for exhibitors to enter their range of test bikes themselves and the place to download the test data after the event. This admin also provided insight into the number of scans per day at the event.
  • Exhibitor app: the Scan2Ride app, available as native Android and iOS, with which exhibitors can scan the barcodes themselves to establish the link between visitor (with test voucher) and (motor) bicycle.
  • Visitor registration: an online registration form where the visitor / consumer can register. After registration, a test voucher with a barcode followed.

Scan2Ride has successfully run several fairs. By using Scan2Ride, liability for Jaarbeurs was arranged. The application also provided insight into the number of test drives. With this data, Jaarbeurs was able to further develop the event and determine the capacity of the course. For the exhibitors, the test data provided insight into the popularity of their brand and specific models. They also had leads for follow-up after the test drive.

Are you interested in a similar application arranged? Or are you looking for an event registration or generating leads? Then contact us.


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