Jointly reviews

Programming code is checked by colleagues. More pairs of eyes see more then one pair of eyes. Reduces bugs and issues. Increases the quality of the code.

Test driven

First make test cases. Requirements and wishes are the base. Then just start coding. Bugs are discovered sooner. Finally passing the finish line sooner. That’s why testing is embedded in our DNA.

Scrum and Agile

We adopted Scrum. We love Scrum. Put top-notch professionals in one team. Multidisciplinary. Client included. Deliver working software in sprints from 1 till 4 weeks. Achieve the goals as team. Keywords: focus, openness, devotion, respect and courage.



The best results are achieved in a good atmosphere. Proud on the work we do. Satisfaction. Motivation. Driven. Together.


No walls in between India, the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Direct contact. Open communication. Encourage responsibility. That’s a key difference in compare of other Indian software-houses.

Respect cultures

Offshoring involves different countries and cultures. More then 10 years experience with different cultures. Able to build bridges. Able to understand each other’s culture. Support at the background.