Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.

– Paul Hawken

Now you know more about DevRepublic, it is time to meet our leaders. Combined together they are more then 50 years in the software development scene.  Having 20 years of working experience with offshore teams. In Netherlands, Brazil and India. A bunch of experience. The charismatic trio knows what they are doing. Let us introduce you to Sanjay, John and Edward. By the way, don’t forget to check the full team.

Edward is the communicator. Talkative. Wherever he goes, he is always making connections. Silly jokes. Chief Entertainment Officer. Temperamentful . Sometimes impatient. Outgoing. Creative. Pixel-perfect. Trailblazer as nickname. With his enthusiasm, he blazes trails for others to follow through unsettled countries or wilderness in the excitated IT-world. Keeps track of sales and marketing exposure.

John is the stabilizer. Straight-forward. Difficult to take him off track. Calm. Tallest of the three bosses. Chief internal affairs. Technical eyes. Explorer of technical boundaries. Database expert. Sailor. Captain as nickname. Keeps the ship’s heading. Likes to dig into bits, bytes, digits and small letters. Deals with technical, financial and staff matters.

Sanjay is the anchorman in India. 100% pure Indian. 100% pure vegetarian. 100% open-minded. Excellent at multitasking. Juggles several tasks at the same time. Modest. Keeps the Indian team up-and-running. People-manager. Eyes and ears for our Indian colleagues. Not living on the edge but takes care about the boring-stuff like the Indian bookkeeping and salary slips.

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