Proud to be nice !

Super nice review received from DC VerzuimDiagnostiek / DC Expertise Centrum! “What is it nice to have a web designer to work that really thinking with you. Devrepublic is very accessible, flexible and think in possibilities. With the result: a beautiful website.“ Thank you DC VerzuimDiagnostiek / DC Expertise Centrum! We found it very nice... Read More... Read More

Knowledge Sharing

In the fast-paced world it is important to keep up with new techniques and developments. DevRepublic started with knowledge sharing sessions at the office in India. The session was about cross platform app development. We shared knowledge about the basics of cross platform development. We discussed the scope, pros and cons, available frameworks and tools... Read More... Read More

New office for DevRepublic in the Netherlands

DevRepublic is growing up. Our office at the Esdoornstraat became to tight. We needed more space. Space to grow more. Space to fit our huge ambitions. It was time to spread our wings. To be ready for the next level. We found a great new office. Top floor. Four rooms. Nice view. Perfect match.  ... Read More

DevRepublic in People’s business

Creativity, quality, enthousiasm and craftmanship. These are the ingredients of the diner that DevRepublic serves it’s customers. The magazine People’s Business took an interview with DevRepublic about different subjects. Outsourcing as part of company strategy, guidelines for developing (mobile) apps, collecting the good information for building a (mobile) app are things that are discussed during

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DevRepublic present at Get (C)Loud

DevRepublic was present at the Get (C)Loud event of Dutch Cloud at October 16th. The central theme was 'Digital Enterprise, the way to adapt your organisation'. DevRepublic got 5 minutes of fame on the event. Edward defended a proposition "Companies are missing opportunities if they not look at the foreign market".  It was a nice and interesting event. At the end beer and crunchy deep-fried meatball were served.

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Yes! Say-it is launched!

You take a tablet kiosk and a table. Make a Feedback-App and a admin module. Combine passion and craftsmanship of DevRepublic and Appsharing. And Say-it was born.

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