Hands & brains

Do you already have a software development team? Need additional hands? Or do you miss specific knowledge? Hire one or more project managers, scrum masters, testers, front-end developers or programmers. You manage the project. Manage the work load. We deliver the top-notch professionals to you. PHP, .NET, Native Android & IOS, Hybrid mobile, Scrum, TMap. And more.

More wild? Hire a complete team. All fit together perfectly. Up and running from the first second.

Our rates are lower then the costs of an own employee. Really. Even for senior professionals. You get the advantage that we have lower costs in India.

India far away? Nope. The time difference is just 3,5 till 4,5 hours. Days are overlapping mainly. The world is small due to mail, Skype, chat, Github. Beside. It’s no problem to fly over our professionals for a few weeks or months. Work on your location. Together at the same table. All the team at the same location.

Still skeptical about? You are not the only one. Most of our clients also were at the beginning. Now they are our best ambassadors. Ask us for references. Convince yourselves.

Did we tickle you? Send a mail to info@devrepublic.nl or pick up the phone and call 038 760 05 80. We are looking forward to get in touch.