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Super nice review received from DC VerzuimDiagnostiek / DC Expertise Centrum! “What is it nice to have a web designer to work that really thinking with you. Devrepublic is very accessible, flexible and think in possibilities. With the result: a beautiful website.“ Thank you DC VerzuimDiagnostiek / DC Expertise Centrum! We found it very nice... Read More... Read More

Knowledge Sharing

In the fast-paced world it is important to keep up with new techniques and developments. DevRepublic started with knowledge sharing sessions at the office in India. The session was about cross platform app development. We shared knowledge about the basics of cross platform development. We discussed the scope, pros and cons, available frameworks and tools... Read More... Read More


A lot of times we hear that cultural fit is important when hiring employees. The employees’ beliefs and behaviors should be in alignment with their employers’ core values and company culture. Big companies are investing in personality tests to get the best employee and the culture segment has become a large and important portion of the hiring process.

Of course, cultural fit is important but we would like to show you cultural fit should not be used for creating a homogenous workforce. You can also reach culture fit with diversity, and therefore also with employees from a different culture. In our opinion hiring employees from a different culture is a very positive experience.

Therefore, we will show you by using the case of Sailing Today why you should consider hiring employees from a different culture and why it is a positive experience for both parties.

Since the past 6 months, I (Ravi) am working with Sailing today as a Javascript developer. Sailing Today choose to work with two employees from India (DevRepublic), a designer (Yajuvendra) and me (Ravi). They hired us to create/manage scoring boards for sailing events, teams and individual athletes. During the past 6 months, I went to the Netherlands for 3 weeks and worked at their company in Dronten.


Sailing Today hired me to give advice and work on their platform. They are using the platform to manage events and it is built in DotNetNuke (DNN). The problem for the client was in short that DNN was not easy to scale and MSSQL was the only option for data storage (including archive). Due to a great relationship with our client I could (1) discuss their issues and find out what was important to them and (2) discuss whether they are willing to try something new.


After we discussed the requirement we have chosen for MongoDB as database. One compelling reason is that MongoDB boasts built-in scalability. Each post and its metadata can be stored as a single document. As the schema changes on the live database, MongoDB can accommodate these changes without costly schema migrations. In addition, MongoDB’s support for auto-sharing and high availability eased operational chokepoints for us. MongoDB enabled platform to scale horizontally across commodity hardware without having to write and maintain complex, custom sharing code.

MongoDB concepts and features are similar, in many respects, to relational databases so developers may also find the transition seamless.

Besides that, the project required easy to create, manage and customize multilingual user interface. It needs to be easy for the users so that they can easily subscribe to event. We proposed a responsive template for the website and integrated the best HTML5 and CSS design technique to make website equally impressive and appealing on every device. To increase the loading speed of the website we are making sure that the best approach to be used is to minimize the CSS and JavaScript code on the website. Also, we optimized the images on the website. For example: a great designing pop up was designed on the website for sign up to reduce unnecessary HTTP requests.  We are implementing the website which is stable, secure, easy to manage while also having a wide reach, allowing posting events. Laravel can also communicate fluently with MongoDB which is a great plus and Laravel has a rich set of secure packages available.


I would also like to talk in depth about my new workplace and how it helps clients to work with developers in their own office. No doubt, I love my work place in India but working at Sailing today was different in a positive way. Not only because workhours and culture are different but also because of below points:

Quick responses:

Working at client place was very helpful to them, whenever they needed assistance they just Shout ‘Ravi!’ and I was there to answer their queries, discuss something new or find them a solution.


There is a developer sitting next to you that (1) know what’s going on (2) can change directions easily and (3) a casual conversation can change priorities rather than waiting for an allotted meeting time. This means quick responses and in a short time both parties are on the same level. When you can tune with the client, you can share your visions anytime you want to. The client also knows challenges the business is facing in other areas, such as sales and marketing, and can share these potential solutions or fixes right away. The combination between the clients view and my view I experience as quiet ideal.

When working remotely, you always have an image in your mind that everything is decided already and you just have to cook code to put their idea in reality. But this is not the case at Sailing today office. We discussed a lot about the flow, many times we changed it to cope up with new requirement arrived from recent discussion.


Working physically together, improves your relationship more than business relations. So, when your trip is completed you have some new friends.

For me this experience was something I embraced with both hands. Personally, I wanted to make a difference for the client although it was a long travel from home. The client was depending on my work and contribution. Therefore, I made the decision to go to Sailing Today and when I look in hindsight, the onsite assignment was a true success.

Thanks, Sailing Today for giving me a warm welcome and an experience I will never forget. I hope to see you again in summer.