” Ahmedabad was named as one of the three Indian cities best positioned to prosper and grow in this new age of urbanization.

– Forbes, in Why Ahmedabad, Shantigram

Our cool and spacious office is located in the place-to-be in India: Ahmedabad, North West India. Our presence nearby Vodafone and IMB reflects our ambitions. Industrial look. No ordinary Indian office. No small desks. We need space for our ambitions and personalities.

Total 40 seats. 35 smashing professionals already took their driver seats. Fasten your seatbelt.

India is the place-to-be for high-skilled IT professionals. In Europe and the USA there is already a shortage of good IT people. This shortage will be bigger and bigger within the years. In India there are still enough excellent professionals. A nice secondary benefit are the lower rates. However. DevRepublic is not a pothunter. Quality counts. Want the lowest price? Just Google on ‘Lowest price websites and apps’ and you will find probably promising hits. Don’t get surprised it’s all gone pear shaped! It’s impossible to get quality for peanuts.

Ahmedabad is the largest metropolitan region in Gujarat, perhaps the most market-oriented and business-friendly of Indian states. India’s seventh-largest city has a population of roughly 5.7 million and is expected to grow to over 7.6 million in the next 10 years. Ahmedabad is emerging as a fast developing city. That is how it has found place in the Forbes list of World’s Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing city.

DevRepublic is in the middle of this rising center of education, information technology and knowledge industries. Ready to grow with the ambitions of the city.

Do you have questions, do you want an appointment or whatever? Ping Edward, Sanjay, Eva or John. Send a mail with your contact details to info@devrepublic.nl or give us a phone call at +31 38 760 0580.