“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today”

– James Dean.

The phoenix is immortal. Retreating to its nest of herbs, woods and spices and beating its wings, it fans the nest into flames. Consumed by the fire. A young bird with a soul from the old bones rises from the ashes. DevRepublic is like the phoenix. Young. Reborn. With an old soul. The wings of the phoenix are in our logo. Our professionals are fresh. Despite many years of experience. Internationally. And in off shoring.

At DevRepublic you will find a driven team of about 40 same-minded IT professionals. We have 2 main craftsmanship pillars:

We supply a splendid cocktail of state-of-the-art DevHeroes. Ready to kick challenges to the curb. Ready to cross the borders. Ready to deliver cutting edge solutions. Simplify your IT-life.

Our development center is located in Ahmedabad, India. 35 driver seats are filled with developers, testers, front-end developers, designers and scrum masters. Zwolle is the location for our aerodrome control tower. From here John, Eva and Edward are managing the projects, supporting the hired teams and building bridges to work smoothly together, independent of location, language and/or cultural background.

Our believes:

  • We believe that happy people are the best people;
  • We believe in straightforward communication and being truthful.;
  • We believe in diversity and continuous collaboration;
  • We believe that laughing is the best calorie burner;
  • We believe that personality is more important then techniques or skills.

We all have the DevRepublic DNA that consists of: a huge sense of humor, unlimited ambition, highly responsible, a fun-driven life and motivated  to cross technical and geographical boundaries.

Come in, grab a coffee and let’s tune how we can help each other. Inspire us and get inspired. Ping Edward, Sanjay, Eva or John. Send a mail with your contact details to info@devrepublic.nl or give us a phone call at +31 38 760 0580.

Click on the video and experience a day through the eyes of our and maybe be soon to be yours Heros, here at DevRepublic.