WordPress is getting more and more populair. Tens of millions sites build with WordPress are online. This popularity has a shady site: it’s a sitting duck for hackers.

WordPress and its plugins are updated frequently. Some updates are cosmetic, some add new features and some seal security leaks. Maintenance of your website is important. Be in shape.

It’s not your core-business to technical maintain sites, isn’t it? Let us do the work. We have the skills and knowledge. You can keep your focus on your business. We made three maintenance packages for sites powered by WordPress.

Want an active protection against hacks and malware? We recommend to use the power of the hack & malware specialist Sucuri. They offer two services: protect and protect & clean up. Each of the services are in three tastes: basic, pro and business. In general basic or pro will fit.

We offer the real costs of Sucuri with a one-time setup cost of 50 euro. Prices (converted from dollars and excluded the one-time setup):

  • Protect Basis: € 10/month *
  • Protect Pro: € 20/month *
  • Protect & Clean up Basis: € 16/month **
  • Protect & Clean up Pro: € 25/month **

You need the Pro packages if your site is using a SLL certificate. The Pro-package also protects against Advanced DDoS Mitigation attacks and gives faster response at clean-up jobs.

* Check the actual prices and the detailed features at https://sucuri.net/website-firewall/signup
** Check the actual prices and the detailed features at https://sucuri.net/website-security-platform/signup

Your site has to be up-to-date to start the maintenance packages. We can update your site once. A one-time upgrade costs about € 75 * when you take a maintenance package.  If you don’t want a package then the price is around € 125 *.

* The one-time price depends on your version of WordPress, the number of plugins, the theme and if your site is polluted already with malware. We will give you first an estimate.

** Maintenance subscriptions are closed for one year. The subscription will be extended with one year if the subscription isn’t canceled 1 month before the end date. The subscriptions are invoiced in advance per year.